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Professional imaging processing workstation

        Product Overview

        ASDC professionalImaging product group is a solution that oriented to theauxiliarydiagnosis, surgical planning&analysis ofneurosurgery, osteology, vessel analysis and other clinical departments.  The system integrated a series of functions of Medical Imaging such as Import, 2D radiographfilm-reading, 3D reconstruction, Sequence registration&fusion, Automatic Segmentation, Automatic Calculation, surgery planning and etc, which fully meet the specialized needsof clinical departments, and provide clients a completed, powerful, reliable and convenientTools Platform.

        Product function
        Imaging import and export processingall kinds of DICOM graphicaldesplay and operation
        3D volume rendering reconstruction    3D surface rendering reconstruction
        Fusion  fused3D reconstruction
        Multiple check and multi-sequencing coordinate matching, Manual / automatic adjustment registration
        3D sequence Vascular segmentation & management;
        Vessel centerline sketch,  curve planar reconstruction (CPR)
        NeurosurgeryPlanning module
        Hip joint measurement、preoperative and after comparison module
        Knee-joint surgical planning module
        Medical Imaging Multimodal Fusion modules
        Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular analysis module





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