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The real name and announcement of delivery industry information platform

        Commissioned by the national public security departments, Kanazawa Logistics Group, based on the "government led, industry promotion, enterprise participation, social supervision", through the real name and announcement of delivery industry information platform which is a firewall project in blocking and closuring drugs sources, constructed a delivery industry system with market oversight and credibility.  Based on security inspection of logistics delivery channel and real name registration system for the starting point, with creative mode, Kanazawa Logistics Group built a firewall in delivery industry to block and closure the drugs sources in the most effective. The mobile terminal real name system POS machine is an important part of the platform. Using POS terminal to register express bill, receiver and sender with real name information by delivery clerk, the platform guarantees the real receiving of  the information of express bill, receiver and sender for the logistics company, and further gradually establishes receiver and sender databases, which is forming logistics industry information system of individual, enterprise, and institute, and reaching the needs of supervision departments to make investigation reversely according to the orders in order to recording, future referencing, and tracking and tracing later.

        The features and advantages of the project
        1.Rich client technology. The framework uses rich client technology package, as far as possible to imitate the original layout, adding new CSS styles.
        2.Jump centralized applying . The framework highly encapsulated application layer, which is responsible for data transmission, centralized jump, unified exception handling.
        3.Separating core business services and use cases. The framework encapsulated the possibility of changes in the large business logic into service layer, and processed the core business logic in domain model layer. Concentrating on design in domain model layer ensured the stability of the core business. And unit testing ensured the correctness of the core business logic.
        4.Persistence. System designing the persistence layer separately, all database processing operations encapsulated in this layer
        5.Integration processing external systems. Mainly joined with other platforms in logistics enterprises, including the wisdom eye, wisdom lock system.
        6.General processing. Mainly processing core program of the framework, exceptions, logging, transaction management, cache management, etc.
        7.Handheld device integration.  Integration of  public information platform and specific handheld terminal.
        8.Supporting multiple portals. Achieving multiple city portal data separation, provincial portal data summary.
        Functional partitioning

        System architecture



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