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NFC-SWP-SIM card automated testing management system

        NFC-SWP---SIM card automated testing management system project provides automation test functions for mobile phone manufactures, supports the test environment configuration, test case automation test and real time query of test results. System source data comes from test cases and scripts imported.
        Automated test management system is divided into management portal and executive portal.
        Management Portal mainly manages companies, users, test cases, test results, reporting statistic functions
        Based on system configuration and test case information set through management portal, Executive portal let user add test environments and perform automation execution corresponded to the test environment, check the real time status of test case running, and then understand the summary statistics about all status of test cases under the environment.
        NFC-SWP -SIM card automated testing management system, that UI style on pages is concise, structure clear, rational layout and content terse, solves the problem about seamless combination between controls and terminals communication, and web page real time monitoring tests situation running on mobile phone.
        Project framework and technologies adopt Java mainstream open source framework such as, struts、hibernate、spring,  and database MySQL 5.0.


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